Stephanie grew up outside of Boston with a supportive family, but following the death of one of her brothers and then the loss of her first child, her entire life turned upside down. She began self-medicating with drugs.


Peter grew up in southeastern Massachusetts with a brother, two sisters and an abusive, alcoholic father, who encouraged him to start fights with others. Seeking his father’s approval, Peter would get into fights and hurt other people, but his violent and unstable home environment caused him to turn to alcohol and drugs by the age of 13.


After struggling with financial and health issues, Karen was forced to make the difficult decision between spending the night in shelters crowded with strangers or on the streets hiding from predators every night.


Battling depression after the death of his mother on Mother’s Day and unable to afford to stay in the home in which he grew up, Al packed a tent, some clothes and food and found a spot in the woods nearby.